“My ten year old son wet his bed almost every night. He had a few times when he was dry for a few weeks but he always ended up wetting his bed again.
He had one session with Bill and has been dry for the past year.
He now goes on school camps, has his friends to stay and sleeps overnight at his mates places.
He is a much happier little boy.”
Gloria B

“Melissa, who is eight years old, went to Bill for two hypnotherapy sessions.
She has had one or two wet beds since then but has been completely dry for the last six months. Thanks Bill.”

Maria and Cory R

“I’m now 13 years old. I wet my bed most nights up until I was eleven.
I went to Bill two times.
I’ve had dry beds since then. It’s been really cool. I’m not embarrassed anymore.”

Tracey M

Bed Wetting

This is one of the most difficult problems we have to deal with. Generally we have less success with children under the age of six. People aged seven and over we can usually help.

Most people we see with this problem are aged up to 10 and 11, though we do see quite a few in their early teens. The oldest bedwetter I have worked with was 65 years young.

Bedwetters are nearly all very deep sleepers. This means that when their bladders are full, they do not wake up and go to the toilet.

A small percentage of bedwetters have their backs out of alignment and the nerve going to the bladder is affected.

Most children who come to Huddleston Hypnotherpy receive an individualised story book, sometimes recorded on a CD, which backs up the hypnotherapy work. Once they stop wetting the bed, life becomes much better. They can feel much happier about staying overnight at friends' homes and going on camps.

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