Weight Control

Why do you want to become and stay the size that is just right for you?
  • Feel and be fitter
  • Feel and be healthier
  • Be more energetic
  • Feel good
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Deal with your stresses better
  • Feel on top of the world
What have been your experiences with weight control?
  • Always on a diet but can't stay on it?
  • Lose weight but put it back on, sometimes put on more?
  • It just seems a never ending battle with no end in sight?
I can help you break out of that negative spiral. Just two or three hypnotherapy sessions may be all you need. A few hypnotherapy sessions are a lot cheaper than some of the other weight control regimes and, in the long run, more effective.

90% are satisfied with the programme. That's long term satisfaction.

What's so different?
We deal with the causes of your weight control problem. Diets do not address the real cause. That is why only one percent of all diets work long term. We have an eight level check list to find out why you are having problems with your weight control. You go out with lots of written information that is relevant for your situation. You get back-up with reminders of the changes you have to make.

Being overweight is a major cause of many illnesses
Being overweight increases your risk of having high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, gallbladder disease, and many cancers.

For people with a low Body Mass Index (measures how much fat is stored in your body): 2% have diabetes, 8% have coronary heart disease, 23% have high blood pressure, 2% have osteoarthritis.

For people with moderately high BMI (they are overweight): 10% have diabetes, 16% have coronary heart disease, 49% have high blood pressure, 5% have osteoarthritis.

For people with very high BMI (they are grossly overweight): 11% have diabetes, 14% have coronary heart disease, 64% have high blood pressure, 10% have osteoarthritis.

Become and stay the size and weight that is right for you. Get your life back. Weight control for life.

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