As part of my job I regularly have to give presentations to groups of colleagues and others. This has always terrified me. Often during a presentation I would feel myself sweating badly, my knees would tremble and my voice would go funny. It got so bad my colleagues began to notice and comment. After going to Bill I’m now fine. In fact, I was able to present a paper at an international conference with an audience of hundreds of people. I did it easily, confidently and very successfully.” Jamie S

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Fear of Public Speaking (glossophobia)

Do you have to stand up in front of groups and speak? How are you when you do this? Confident and relaxed? Or are you nervous, hesitant, petrified?

Does your anxiety about public speaking prevent you from joining in certain activities, from joining certain organisations. Is it affecting your job and your job prospects?

Hypnotherapy helps.

One of the most common concerns we deal with is lack of confidence. Hypnotherapy is very effective at helping you overcome your fear of public speaking. Many people only need one or two sessions and they can stand up in front of groups confidently. Wouldn't that feel good?

"I had an executive job which required me to frequently run seminars and meetings. On many occasions I would suddenly freeze up. I would start shaking, my voice would go funny, I would lose my train of thought. It was very embarrassing.

I had two sessions with Bill and now I can stand up in front of any group and be relaxed and confident through the entire presentation. I no longer get that dreaded feeling before a presentation. I have now moved on to a better job because I have had the confidence to do this new job. Thanks Bill." Ray S

You too can become a relaxed, confident public speaker.

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