Help with Learning

Many people have difficulty with learning. This is not always because they do not have the ability to learn. It is because they do not know how to learn.

We help you understand the way your brain works and what are the best types of learning activities for you. We also help you understand what you need to do for long term memory so you can complete your course of study and pass your examination at the end. We help you to become an active learner.

There are many factors which will affect your learning.
  • your previous schooling experiences
  • your level of hydration
  • your nutrition
  • your general health
  • your sleeping patterns
  • the time you have for studying
  • your ability to organise yourself
  • your attitude to examinations
There are many students from the age of 15 to the age of 55 who have been helped to improve their learning through a few visits to Huddleston Hypnotherapy.

I have the knowledge from my hypnotherapy training and the understanding of how the brain works that comes from that training. And I have been both a primary and secondary school teacher for over twenty years. Many of those years were in helping pupils with learning difficulties.

I can help you.

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