What we can help you with

  • Smoking
    How do we help you become a non-smoker?
  • Weight Control
    Do you want to become and stay the size that is just right for you?
  • Stress
    We need some stress in our lives. We don't need distress. Too much stress becomes distressing.
  • Bed Wetting
    Bedwetters are nearly all very deep sleepers.
  • Fingernail Biting
    This is one of the easier problems for us to overcome.
  • Insomnia
    If you regularly do not get enough sleep, your ability to function effectively during the day will be seriously compromised.
  • Snoring
    Snoring is a major problem worldwide. Some studies indicate that over 70% of the world's men and over 50% of the women snore to some degree.
  • Phobias
    Is your phobia affecting your life?
  • Irritable Bowel
    Almost anyone can get it. It is common for people to suffer from it for a time and then have the symptoms go away.

  • Alcohol
    How do you know if you have an alcohol problem?
  • Gambling
    Do you spend too much money on gambling? Is your gambling creating a problem for you? Is it affecting your family, your relationships, your job?
  • Public Speaking
    Do you have to stand up in front of groups and speak? How are you when you do this? Confident and relaxed? Or are you nervous, hesitant, petrified?
  • Help With Learning
    Many people have difficulty with learning. This is not always because they do not have the ability to learn. It is because they do not know how to learn.
  • Nerves
    Examination Nerves? Interview Nerves?
  • Sports Performance
    Do you feel you could do better at your sport? Do you feel there is something blocking your improvement?
  • Improve Your Business
    How can hypnotherapy help your business improve?

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