Helping your business become more profitable

How can hypnotherapy help your business improve?

Firstly we can help individuals, both management and staff to overcome personal issues which are affecting work performance. These include many of the issues already noted in this site such as overweight, smoking, insomnia, phobias, including public speaking, lack of confidence.

Happy, healthy people are the most productive. They have less absenteeism, stay in the job longer, get on with others better, have better work habits. Secondly, we can help teams improve their performance.

In 2004, after we worked with a sales team, they increased their turnover of a two day sale from the previous best of $750,000 to over one million dollars.

After just one session with the smokers in a local factory, most quit smoking. After one month the owner analysed the company's productivity. It had increased by $1,000 per week. This meant $50,000 more profit per year. A significant improvement for a small business employing under ten people.

Increased productivity from management and staff. Less staff turnover. Reduced absenteeism. More harmonious staff relations. Happy, healthy people are the most productive.

Look after your staff, they are more than your greatest asset - they are your business. Nurture them.

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