Frequently Asked Questions

Will I act like a chicken?
No. We cannot get you to do anything you don't want to do. Your subconscious mind will only accept suggestions which you want it to. Besides, if I tried to do anything other than what you asked for, my practice would not last very long. This is a small town and everyone would soon know if things weren't right. I am a professionally trained and registered therapist who always acts professionally.

Do you put me out?
No. Most people are aware of everything. Hypnosis is just a deeply relaxed state. Some people go very deep, but most don't. We don't make you into something else. We help you make the changes. It is you and me working together.

Will I be safe to drive after the session?
Yes. In fact you will be driving safer. The more relaxed you are the better you perform. After a hypnotherapy session you will be heaps more relaxed than before. You will be feeling great and you will be able to drive very safely. You will be able to do everything better.

Do the changes last forever?
For some people, yes. For some people, no. We are all different and as we go through life we react to things differently. Some people can make quite profound changes during hypnotherapy and some time later revert to how they were. This is not the fault of the therapy. It is the nature of human beings. Just have another hypnotherapy session or two and get on with your life.

How many sessions does it take?
This depends on many things. We are always trying to do the work as quickly as possible. Some people have just one session and have resolved things. Some people take more. For instance, 50% of smokers have one session with me and quit while 80% have done it within three sessions. Some people take more. One of my famous smokers took 15 sessions but hasn't smoked for eight years.

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