About Bill Huddleston

BA - Massey University
Diploma Holistic Hypnotherapy
Diploma of Stress Management
Certificate Anatomy & Physiology
Trained Teachers Certificate

I have been running Huddleston Hypnotherapy in Northland for almost twenty years now. I have become Northland's most effective quit smoking agent.
Over the years I have developed unique programmes to help people overcome weight problems, sleeping problems, snoring problems, phobias and many stress related issues.

I have developed a special and effective way of working with children.

I love helping people make positive changes to their lives. Most of the over 7000 people who have been to my clinic have made real changes, and some of those changes have been life-saving.

I bring to the practise the experiences from many walks of life. Apart from my academic training I have worked as a teacher for over 20 years, helped run a boutique hotel in the north of Scotland for five years, made shovels and brass taps and suitcases. I started my working life as a cost accountant.

I try to keep a balanced life by going fishing as often as possible, keeping up to date with the sporting world and most importantly, keep being a husband, dad and granddad. We try to grow as many of our vegetables as organically as we can, and most times of the year there is fresh fruit growing on our place.

I have held important positions in a number of organizations including being president of our hypnotherapy association, secretary of the national organization that wrote the unit standards for hypnotherapy for NZQA and have been president of the local Theosophical Society.

I run all the training days for our hypnotherapy association and often speak at conferences and other groups.

"Love what you do; do what you love."

If you can match both those things together you are very lucky. I count myself as being very lucky.

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