How do we help you become a non-smoker?

It is considered by many experts to be as deep an addiction as that to heroin. Many people quit after just one session but many need two, three and more sessions to quit. A common pattern is to quit for a time and then start again. That is why my guarantee has the rider in it that if you quit and start again you ring me straight away. We don't let it get re-established.

There are a number of changes your body has to make as it adapts to working as a non-smoker once again. We spend some time going over these and you take with you a paper with those changes explained. We also explain the indications of a person who is a smoker who is not smoking.

There are three groups of people: smokers, non-smokers and smokers who are not smoking. If you are in the last group you will be having problems. If you have tried to quit unsuccessfully you will know what I am talking about.

We are aiming for you to become a non-smoker. When this happens you will be going about your life without even thinking about having a smoke and certainly without wanting a smoke.

We help you make the deep changes inside you that you have to make so you become a non-smoker, and we help you understand the few changes your body needs to make as it returns to functioning as a non-smoker. These include detoxing the nicotine and creating the habits of a non-smoker.

Why do you want to quit smoking?

Each of you will have your own reasons for wanting to quit. These include knowing that you are putting poisons into your bodies. Even if you haven't read all the anti-smoking blurb, your body will still be telling you that something is not right. Most of you know that when you quit you will have a greater chance of living longer, and the quality of your life will be better because you are healthier. You know that once you quit and become a non-smoker you will be back in charge of you in many ways.

The addiction to nicotine currently controls you in so many ways. It controls how you have to spend so much of your time. It controls how you have to spend so much of your money. Because an increasing number of places are becoming smoke-free it is more expedient to be a non-smoker. Even pubs and clubs have become smoke-free. Smokers know that when they become non-smokers once again the addiction to nicotine will no longer rule their lives. They know in many ways the quality of their lives will improve.

Why don't you quit?

Your body has not only got used to smoking, it is now functioning in such a way that it wants the nicotine to come in. You get these urges for a smoke. If you don't bring the nicotine in, you begin to experience all sorts of unpleasant reactions, from physical to mental to emotional. Non-smokers do not experience these cravings and people who have never smoked have no idea how the cravings affect smokers.


You are scared. You have come to use smoking to meet all sorts of needs and the thought of throwing away that option to meet those needs is terrifying. In the back of your mind you are wondering how you will cope as a non-smoker. That is unknown territory - a step into the dark. For some people it is like saying goodbye to their best friend. For some it is the one constancy in their lives - the one thing they know they can rely on.

You have the automatic behaviour of a smoker. You do it without thinking most of the time.

Hypnotherapy Helps

Hypnotherapy is the most successful method of quitting. World wide it has an 80% success rate. Why does it work? It goes to the heart of the matter. Firstly, it helps the brain make the changes it needs to make by sending out different signals so the body functions as a non-smoker once again.

Secondly, it helps the person let go the belief they have developed over the years - that smoking is a helpful, beneficial way to help cope with things. Some people have come to believe smoking is the best way they have to cope.

Thirdly, it helps the person recall how they were before they became a smoker and gives them the confidence to get out there and learn how to be that non-smoker once again. Some authorities consider the addiction to nicotine to be as deep as the addiction to heroin. Smokers need to be realistic and understand it can take a few sessions to become a non-smoker.

Many people become a non-smoker in one session but most need more. 80% have succeeded within three sessions with Huddleston Hypnotherapy, though some of those will need another session later to make sure they stay a non-smoker. Huddleston Hypnotherapy gives smokers a money back guarantee. Do you know anyone else who is prepared to back themselves and their product to this extent?

You want to quit - You need to quit

When you quit will you:- be healthier? be fitter? be able to achieve more? have the chance to live longer? be more in control? be able to cope with stress better? have an improved quality of life? have more money? If you smoke 10 a day it is costing you about $2000 a year. If you smoke 20 a day it is costing you about $4000 a year. If you smoke 30 a day it is costing you about $6000 a year - It is in your best interests to quit. You need effective help to quit. When you quit, do it properly, do it once and for all.

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