Irritable Bowel Syndrome

About 33% of the population in the Western World has suffered from the symptoms at some time in their lives. About 13% of people in the Western World suffer IBS regularly.
This means if you live in Whangarei and you suffer from it occasionally you are part of a group of about 18,000 people. If you suffer from it constantly, you are part of a group of about 8,000.
IBS is a very common complaint which, because of its nature, we do not talk about, and because of this, sufferers have a great sense of isolation and helplessness.

IBS is a disorder of the digestive system. It is a response to one of a number of things such as prolonged stress, stomach infections, excessive use of antibiotics. If you have IBS you do not have a disease. IBS does not cause cancer. If you have IBS your food is being processed either too quickly or too slowly.

Almost anyone can get it. It is common for people to suffer from it for a time and then have the symptoms go away. People under constant physical or emotional stress are more likely to suffer from IBS. Many people can trace the onset of their IBS to a specific event such as having had 'holiday tummy', an unpleasant divorce, or a bowel operation.

If you are under constant stress some part of your functioning will 'give way'. For some people with IBS this has been the functioning of their digestive system.

Overcoming your IBS

Do you have IBS ?
  • Pain that improves with a bowel movement
  • Stomach bloated, often with wind
  • Loose stools when the pain starts
  • Alternating constipation and diarrhoea
  • More frequent stools when the pain starts
  • Passing mucous with the stools
  • Pellety stools when the pain starts
  • Constant diarrhoea meaning you cannot leave the house
  • Feeling after a bowel movement that there is still more to come
If you have some of these symptoms then you may have IBS.

What can you do about your IBS? This depends on the underlying causes. If stress or an emotional trauma has triggered your IBS then hypnotherapy, possible in conjunction with other therapies, can help. We can help you deal with your stresses more easily. We can help you heal some of those hurts and traumas you may have suffered. We can help you get onto a suitable eating regime. We can help your bowel make the adjustments it needs to make so your digestive system returns to normal.

There may be more help available for you than you realise.

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