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Bed Wetting

Bedwetting is more common than people realise. The person who is a bed wetter usually thinks that they are the only one with the problem and often feels quite isolated.

In America it is estimated that about 40 million people regularly wet their beds.

In New Zealand about 13% of 6 year olds wet their bed, and about 5% of 10 year olds wet their beds. For many the problem continues into their teens, sometimes well into their teens.

There appears to be two main causes for bed wetting. Firstly, the bladder is still developing and has not grown enough to hold the urine being produced, and, secondly, most bed wetters are very deep sleepers. As we grow older we need less deep sleep. The very young sleep very deeply. The bed wetter is sleeping so deeply they do not wake up when their bladder is full. A small number of bed wetters have problems with the alignment of their spine which affects the messaging from the bladder to the brain.

If one or both parents were bed wetters then it is more likely that their children will have the same problem.

If you are a bed wetter do you:
  • feel upset when you wake in the morning with a wet bed?
  • feel angry when you have a wet bed?
  • feel guilty because you have wet your bed?
  • feel embarrassed because you have wet your bed?
  • feel anxious when you have friends to stay?
  • feel anxious when you are going to visit friends for the night?
  • try to get out of going on school camps?
  • make excuses so you don’t stay overnight at friend’s places?
  • wish having wet beds would go way?
If you are the parent of a bed wetter
  • do you feel guilty because you think you have done something wrong toilet training your child?
  • get tired of all the work washing sheets and making the bed every day?
  • feel like saying negative things to your child about their bedwetting?
  • just wish that your child would begin to have dry beds?
Give me a ring today on helpline 09 438 5367 and make an appointment.
I have a very high success rate helping people over the age of six stop wetting their beds.

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