Sports Performance

Do you feel you could do better at your sport?
Do you feel there is something blocking your improvement?
Do you have difficulty sustaining your performance?
Do you want to be even better at your sport?

Sports performance is not just about what your body is doing. In fact, what your body is doing is controlled by your mind.

Top sports performances are relaxed and almost 'mindless'.

How can you learn to achieve these states constantly and on cue?

"I tried three times for my black belt grading and always failed the kicking break. I then went to pieces for the rest of the grading session. I had two sessions with Bill and passed the next grading easily. I now have my second dan." Graeme S

"I tried for years to get into the Northland team but always just missed out. Three sessions with Bill and I not only got into the team at the next selection, I stayed there for five years." Fiona P

"I struggled with my free form diving. I knew I should be able to go deeper and stay down longer. Two sessions with Bill and I have improved over 20%."

Perfect relaxation allows perfect performance.

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