I had a fear of heights. I couldn't even stand on a table. When I got a job that required me to climb up a tall ladder to check equipment I didn't know what to do. Just one visit to Bill helped me overcome it. "
Tony G

"I had a fear of singing solo on stage. I love my singing and often get pressured into doing a solo performance. Two sessions with Bill helped me enormously. For once in my life I enjoyed singing solo."
Sue B

"I had a dread of flying. Two sessions with Bill and I now am happy to fly anywhere. I feel so liberated."
Pam H

Dread of the Dentist

Are you so frightened of the dentist that you won't go, so
  • you suffer from bad toothache
  • your teeth are unattractive
  • you can't eat properly
  • you are not as healthy as you could be ?
Would you like to :
  • feel happy about going to the dentist ?
  • feel comfortable while at the dentist ?
  • find going to the dentist an enjoyable experience ?
  • experience little or no pain ?
  • recover more quickly from the dentistry work ?
"I went to Bill and had two sessions with him. I then practised what he set me to do. I used to be terrified of the dentist. Last week I had a major extraction and it was easy. It seemed to take no time and I had almost no pain. Even the thought of going to the dentist no longer worries me. I wish I'd gone to Bill years ago. My teeth would be in much better condition and I would have saved myself hundreds of dollars in dentist's bills."
Mary M.


Is your phobia affecting your life? Is your phobia preventing you from:
  • doing things
  • growing as a person
  • meeting people
  • participating in things
Causing you to be
  • inward
  • lonely
  • isolated
  • frustrated
Has your phobia become the preoccupation of your life almost to the exclusion of all other things? Do you want to be back in control?

Do you suffer from any of these fears so badly that your life is affected?
  • heights
  • being the centre of attention
  • water
  • public speaking
  • closed in spaces
  • spiders
  • open spaces
  • flying
  • social situations

Overcoming your phobia

Overcoming a phobia is not always easy. Some fears can be let go easily while others take a lot of work. Some are never completely overcome but can be lessened so that life becomes more manageable.

Each hypnotherapy session for phobias is different. What is done depends on the nature of the phobia and how it affects the person's living. In general a session involves these three parts:

First the problem is discussed. Then the person is talked into the relaxation that is the basis of hypnosis. Finally the 'work' is done so the phobia can be let go.

There is nearly always some "homework". This usually involves some simple exercises to help reinforce the work begun in the hypnotherapy session. Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to overcome many phobias.

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