Examination Nerves

Are you one of those people who can go through the course easily, passing all the little tests, getting great marks for your assignments and then go to pieces at the major exam?

Give me a couple of sessions and those exam nerves will be gone. You can even come to enjoy sitting examinations!

I have helped school pupils, polytech students who have been away from learning for 20 or more years, and university students to pass their exams.

There are many other tests we have that are the equivalent to an examination.
  • driving licence
  • entry to police
  • trade training and apprenticeships
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Interview Nerves

Don't blow your chance to get that job you so desperately want because you have gone to pieces during the interview.

Learn to be relaxed and be focussed during your interview.

Give yourself the opportunity to present yourself as you really are. You have then given yourself the maximum opportunity to succeed.

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