Snoring is a major problem worldwide. Some studies indicate that over 70% of the world's men and over 50% of the women snore to some degree.

Some people's snoring can be as loud as 100 decibels. This is above hearing damage levels.

Most snorers think it is not their problem, that it is the snorees problem, but they are wrong. We all need to get so much sleep each night at a certain depth.

Snorers keep pulling themselves up out of that deep sleep. Chronic snorers are always tired and irritable. Since 2001 when I conducted research into the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to help overcome snoring I have had an 80% success rate with snorers. The people I have not been so successful with include those with serious nasal passage damage or deformity, those with serious nasal infections such as sinusitis and hay fever and those who have not persisted with the programme.

Generally it takes about three to four weeks to really become effective. There can be a period when things seem to get worse but this is just a phase. It passes in days.

My programme is so successful it is now being packaged and being offered worldwide. I have been asked to talk at a number of conferences about what I do.

Whangarei is a special place. One of its unique points is our world leading 'Silent Sleep' programme.

You can become a 'Silent Sleeper' once again and your life will improve.

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