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Many people in the Western world are either overweight or obese. This has implications for long term health and quality of life.

Most people who are concerned with their weight control problems try diet after diet. Only 1% of the world's diets work long term. This is because they do not deal with the underlying causes of weight control problems.

We deal with these underlying causes. We have an eight level checklist for you to work out why you have a weight control problem. This then gives us the changes you need to make so you become and stay the size and weight that is right for you.

And now, just imagine how that will feel. Can you remember a time when you were the size and weight you needed to be for you to be perfectly fit and healthy? Wouldn't it be just so good to feel like that again?

And you can do it just by letting yourself relax, let go your tensions and stresses and worries and listen to my voice for a few minutes a day.

This program includes two recordings. The first introduces you to the things you need to change and then helps you begin to make those changes. The second is much shorter. You listen to this regularly until those changes have become part of you. It's that easy.

If you want more detailed written information to back up the recording you can invest in my two weight control booklets - "Weight Control" and "Weight Control and the Food We Eat" for $10 USD for the two.

Learn to fuel up so efficiently that you are able to eat just enough each day to meet your energy and nutritional requirements and become and stay the size and weight that is right for you.

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