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You can sleep silently once again. This very effective program has had an 80% success rate since its introduction in 2000.

Whether you are a snorer or if you have to listen to the disturbing sounds of the snoring, you will benefit from this program.

It is well established that the snorer's sleep is as much disturbed by his/her snoring as is the sleep of the person listening to the snoring.

A side effect of this program has been the stopping of apnea. Stop snoring and you could stop your apnea as well.

This is not a simple, quick fix. You do not listen to one recording and then stop snoring. It requires you to listen to one of three tracks for about a week so that you get used to really relaxing as you listen to my voice.

You then listen to the set-up track which establishes the instructions in your subconscious mind so you sleep silently. You must then listen to a short (4 minute) recording every night just before you go to sleep for at least three weeks. You may need to listen to it longer.

If you commit to this program and if you do not have any serious nasal damage such as a broken nose, very narrow nasal passages or serious nasal infections and allergies such as hay fever and sinusitis, then this program has a very, very good chance of working for you.

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